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Alaska is a bustle of activity during the summer as the temperature warms up and the extended sunlight hours bring both the wildlife and the locals out of hibernation.

A favorite activity of locals and tourists alike is fishing, whether it be casting a line into a river or lake for salmon and many other varieties of fish found in Alaska or taking a charter to do some deep sea fishing for monster halibut and ocean runs of salmon.

Perhaps you would like to take a tour to see some of Alaska's legendary wilderness and animals. Ride the Alaska Railroad that takes you into the heart of the wilderness and Alaska. Take a flightseeing tour that takes you up close and personal to North America's tallest peak Mt. McKinley or up close and personal to brown bears feeding on salmon. Take a scenic boat tour and see a wide range of ocean animals including otters, seal lions and maybe even migrating whales!

Maybe you would like to try your hand at dog mushing, but the winter weather is too cold. Only in Alaska can you mush dogs in the summer, and on a glacier no less!

If adventure is more your style, take hiking tours of local state and national parks, try kayaking or white water rafting! You can pan for gold, and who knows, maybe you will even strike it rich!

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Alaska's winter can be long and cold, but they are also a time of awe and wonder.

By far one of the most amazing things to see in Alaska in the winter is the Northern Lights. As the nights begin getting longer in September, you can start to see the Northern Lights, though the best time of year is between late December and early April as the temperature drops off with viewing peaking usually in late March around the Spring Equinox and new moon.

Perhaps you would like to try your hand at skiing. Whether you take on virgin powder of extreme skiing in places that may have never been skied before or to try the world class slopes at Alyeska, your ski experience will be breath taking.

Nothing may be more synonomous with Alaska and winter than dog mushing, whether you are watching the legendary Iditarod or any number of other dog races in Alaska or trying your hand at guiding a dog team yourself under the instruction of a professional musher and team.

How about fishing, that is right, winter fishing in Alaska! You might just picture a hut on a lake for ice fishing (which we do have) but how about trying for the winter King Salmon run! This winter run of ocean King Salmon make a close run to land during the winter months, typically in March. These Kings are still young and typically weigh between 15-20 pounds.

Take the winter train between Anchorage and Fairbanks and see Alaska like you only can via rail that winds into the depths of Alaskan wilderness.

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