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Alaska has always been known as a rugged land that requires rugged people to survive and prosper. One of the keys to early those intrepid pioneers and native Alaskans was the use of sled dogs. Mushing dogs was not only the key to surviving; it was a way of life.
Whether these mushers race in Iditarod, the Yukon Quest or dozens of other smaller races or even just for the experience, they carry on a tradition and way of life where their love for their dogs is only matched by their love for Alaska and its expansive natural beauty.
You too can experience the thrill of the trail, the power of the dogs and the majestic scenery of Alaska as you glide along the trail with only the sound of the dogs, the sled and the wind passing by. Feel the exhilaration of an authentic Alaskan sled dog team as they pull you along at breathtaking speeds as you ride on a sled guided by a veteran musher who will show you the beauty of Alaska that you can only experience by dogsled.
Whether you choose to visit Alaska in the summer or the winter, you can experience these dog teams. During the summer you can visit a dog kennel and take a ride on a training sled with wheels that mushers use to keep their dogs healthy and strong during the summer months. During the winter you can feel the bite of the cold and the whispering crunch of the snow as you glide along almost silently. Whichever you choose, the experience is well worth it.