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Alaska is massive and contains over 33,000 miles of coastline, thousands of lakes and thousands of miles of fish rich streams and rivers. And in all of that water grows world prized fish; from the King Salmon (also called a Chinook Salmon) which can weigh in over 100 pounds to the mighty halibut which can grow to be over 8 feet long and weighing as much as 700 pounds (the largest ever caught sport fishing weighed in at 459 pounds)!
Whether you want to try your hand at reeling in a record King Salmon along the Kenai River or reel in a monster halibut from the depths of Kachemak Bay we can help you find a day guide who knows all the sweet spots.
Maybe you want more of a relaxing experience fishing along a serene lake or stream for trout, grayling, or the feisty Northern Pike, we can help you there too. We can even arrange for you to be taken by float plane to remote streams and lakes to experience the great outdoors of Alaska while fishing away from the crowds of the more easily accessible fishing hot spots.

One word of warning, no matter which fishing experience you choose, fishing in Alaska is unlike fishing anywhere else in the world and it only takes one time to become addicted.