Alaska's Inside Passage offeres unrivaled access to pristine wilderness, wildlife and rainforests
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Southeast Alaska & the Inside Passage

From its glacier capped mountains to its plunging glacier cut valleys, Southeast Alaska is as remote and rugged as it is beautiful.  Many of its towns and cities, including the state capital of Juneau, are only accessible by boat or plane.

Temperate Rainforests gathering up to 200 inches of precipitation a year, hug the rugged coastline giving home to a wide variety of wildlife found no where else in Alaska.  This area was home to the early Russian fur traders as well as the local native groups of the Haida (hahy-duh), Tlingit (kling-git), Eyak (ee-yak) and Tsimshian (chim-shee-uhn)) who all utilized the abundance of the forest for protection and to provide for all their needs. Later, ports like Skagway became the preferred beginning point for those seeking their fortune during the Klondike Gold Rush.

This history and culturally rich area is a great escape from the clamor of the rest of the world as you cruise along the Inside Passage visiting quaint fishing towns and taking in the scenery that attracted the early explorers and pioneers in this vastly untouched land. Hear the call of the wilderness and create and adventure you can pass down to your children and grandchildren.