Rafting Whitewater Run

Hang on! It's whitewater ahead! You'll get wet and enjoy every minute of it as we head for Healy, eleven miles downriver. Get into some real whitewater rafting as you hang on through thrilling rapids such as 'Cable Car,' 'Coffee Grinder' and 'Ice Worm'!

This run on the Nenana River features class III and class IV rapids. Trips feature an experienced river guide, and state of the art 18-foot commercial grade rubber rafts. All equipment and outerwear are provided. Two hours are spent on the river, with a safety talk prior to departure. Complimentary transportation is available from your hotel with advance notice. Minimum age for this trip is 12.

What To Wear

Due to unpredictable Alaskan weather, we advise dressing in layers, which will allow you to stay warm and dry as the outdoor environment changes. For this event, all rafting gear is provided, but please remember to dress warmly and bring an extra pair of socks. Non-waterproof cameras and video equipment are not recommended on this trip. No previous rafting experience is required.

Length: 3 Hours


Departure Information:

* 7:30 AM depart Denali Raft Office, return 10:30 AM
* 10:00 AM depart Denali Raft Office, return 1:00 PM
* 3:00 PM depart Denali Raft Office, return 6:00 PM
* 5:00 PM depart Denali Raft Office, return 8:00 PM (8/24-9/15)
* 6:30 PM depart Denali Raft Office, return 9:30 PM (5/20-8/23)