Jetboat Safari Adventure


The 50-passenger 'Talkeetna Queen' or the 16-passenger 'Doris' will whisk you into the heart of the wilderness in comfort and style. These are the most technologically advanced 'jetboats' in Alaska, designed to safely navigate rivers that were previously inaccessible. These jetboats are glass-domed and environmentally controlled, and an on-board restroom is available for your comfort. The safari offers opportunities to view nesting bald eagles, beaver activity, moose and bear in their natural habitat. Be sure to bring your camera so you can capture this unforgettable adventure. Please dress warmly and wear comfortable walking shoes for the leisurely one-quarter-mile nature walk. On the safari you will see how trappers lived at the turn of the century and visit an authentic trappers cabin with its rustic furnishings. Your guide will display raw furs from the local area and demonstrate trapping methods. Naturalists will acquaint you with the wildflowers and plants that grow in abundance along the river system.

What To Wear

Due to unpredictable Alaskan weather, we advise dressing in layers, which will allow you to stay warm and dry as the outdoor environment changes. For this event, please also bring comfortable walking shoes and a jacket that can shield you from light wind or rain.

Length: 2 Hours


Departure Information:

* 8:45 AM depart Mahay's Office, return 10:45 AM
* 12:00 PM depart Mahay's Office, return 2:00 PM
* 2:30 PM depart Mahay's Office, return 4:30 PM
* 6:30 PM depart Mahay's Office, return 8:30 PM