26 Glacier Cruise in One Day


Cruise the calm protected waters of Prince William Sound and come face to face with tidewater glaciers plus an amazing array of wildlife on the 26 Glacier Cruise. Our vessel is the fastest and most luxurious high-speed catamaran in Alaska. The 26 Glacier Cruise travels over 135 miles into Prince William Sound where you will see 26 “named” glaciers and many more unnamed. We get within 2 tenths of a mile from the face of these towering masses of ice so you can “hear” the glaciers move as well as see the brilliant blues in the ice. Glacier calvings are normally seen on each cruise. The types of glaciers you will view are Alpine (hanging), Piedmont and Tidewater Glaciers.

You may view sea otters, seals, porpoises, sea lions and whales during the cruise. The most common whales in Prince William Sound are Humpback and the Orca or Killer Whale. Passengers may also spot wild life such as bear and mountain goats. Of the 200 species of bird inhabiting this area, Bald Eagles are very prominent. At the start of the trip we stop at a bird rookery which is home to thousands of Kittiwakes.

What To Wear

Due to unpredictable Alaskan weather, we advise dressing in layers, which will allow you to stay warm and dry as the outdoor environment changes. Even on warm summer days, temperatures can be cool on the boat when it is underway or stopped at a glacier. For this event, please also bring comfortable walking shoes and a jacket or rain gear that can shield you from light wind or rain.

Length: 4.5 Hours


Departure Information:

* 1:00 PM depart Whittier, return 5:30 PM